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I love the concept of all the Williams in the show representing different versions of Sherlock, now that we know his first name is William, like the full list of all the Bills/Billys is choice: 

  • Billy the skull (Sherlock used to talk to the skull before John aka he was just talking to himself)
  • Bill Wiggins (his drug addict side)
  • Billy the chef in Hounds, who’s in a relationship with John’s foil (speaks for itself really)
  • Billy Kincaid the Camden garroter who Sherlock says is “the best man I ever knew” meant to represent Sherlock’s growth into becoming a good man
  • and, my fave, Bill Murray, the army nurse who saved John’s life in Afghanistan, as the side of Sherlock that is John’s saviour

The overabundance of Williams/Bills/Billys in this so is one of my favorite things. [One can only hope that they’ll include just as many Violets.]

There is one more Billy not included in this list. Billy the waiter that first greets Sherlock and John at Angelos, though I’m not sure what side of Sherlock he might be.

Here’s a collection of all of them.


Just the two of us against the rest of the world


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