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Back in London for one more full day.

Back in London for one more full day.


Yan Miles Won an Emmy for Editing Sherlock, His Last Vow!

You’re looking at Shezza getting his comeuppance before the scene was edited! On the left is what A Camera is recording (the main camera that captures the action) and B Camera on the right (the secondary camera that captures either another angle of the main action, or the actions of characters that are secondary to the main action). Yan Miles won an Emmy for artfully editing the footage from these cameras into a coherent story.

[Single-Camera editing, then, doesn’t mean the footage only comes from one camera. Multi-camera editing which is what you get on a soundstage, for example, when multiple cameras are pointed at a scene from the position of where the studio audience sits (the missing 4th wall.) In multi-camera editing the whole cast is present and plays out the action sequentially. This is the kind of set up you have for game shows, most sit-coms— anything before a live studio audience.]



Sherlock realizing his miscalculation at the end of every series.

Important to remember this, many look back and think Sherlock always won. Maybe it’s the halcyon days effect of S1, but this is a YOUNG Sherlock Holmes that is growing into the iconic detective, and he has failed, miserably, and to great cost. 


Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman with their stunt doubles

Do you think those stunt doubles ever hang out?

(Source: imjohn-locked)



My amazing friend frenchiea bought me this book. It’s a bunch of the original Sidney Paget illustrations from the Sherlock Holmes canon, but taken completely out of context and given new captions. 

I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. 

this sounds like a book worth owning :)

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hello i adore you and i loved your dangerously lesbian irene. i was wondering if you could draw her going on a dangerously lesbian adevnture. love you!!